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BNC RF Coaxial Connector

Product Description
BNC RF connector series are one kind of cards of thing the month join the redio fequency coaxical connection device, It joins rapidly; Keeps in touth with the characteristic such as being reliable, apply to the radio equipment and electron tube inturment field and join coaxial cable of the radio frequency extensively.

1. Temp. Range: -65~+165° (PECable-40~+85° )
2. Frequency range: DC-4GHz
3. Woring Voltage: 500v max
4. Withstand Voltage: 1500V RMS
5. Insulation resistance: >5000MΩ
6. Durability(mating): >500cycles
7. Contact resitance: Centerconductor <1.5mΩ
Outer conductor <1 mΩ
8VSWR: Straight <1.22
Right angle <1.30

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