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Electric blanket
Electric blanket TT160x130-2X
Lay the electric blanket (regardless of the front and back) on the bed with quilt, fix it with non-metallic adhesive tape through the four corners of the blanket, and then lay the sheets on the blanket surface to cover the quilt.
Turn on the power supply of the electric blanket. About one hour before going to bed, push the button of the controller up to the "high" position, the red indicator light will be on, and the electric blanket will enter the high preheating state. When sleeping, adjust the button of the controller to the "low" position, and the electric blanket will enter the thermal insulation state.
When preheating the electric blanket at the high temperature gear, pay attention to the temperature of the blanket body. The continuous power on of the high temperature gear shall not exceed 2 hours. If continuous use is required, the controller must be set at "Low" position.
During the operation of the blanket, the controller must be exposed, not under the quilt or pillow, nor close to other heat sources to avoid accidents.
After getting up, set the controller switch to the "off" position, and the power indicator will be off. Unplug the power plug when it is not used for a long time.
Do not power on the heater when nobody is watching.
It shall not be folded, wrinkled or rolled for use.
It is not allowed to insert pins or knock the electric blanket.
Do not use when wet.
The blanket shall not be used when the controller is out of control due to local abnormal high heat.
When storing the electric blanket, let the blanket cool down before folding to avoid wrinkles on the blanket.
The power cord of the electric blanket cannot be replaced. If the cord is damaged, the electric blanket cannot be used. Check the electric blanket frequently for signs of wear or damage.
If there is, or if the electric blanket has been misused, it should be sent to our special maintenance network for maintenance. It is forbidden to disassemble and repair the electric blanket by yourself.